What Information can I use From Sauce?

  • User comments from the website and published reports
  • Graphs from published reports
  • Commentary and scores from published reports
  • Sauce logo, Hot Sauce/Category Leader logos, and Sauce customer rated logo

What types of uses need to be approved by Sauce?

Any printed or digital collateral piece, which uses Sauce data or logo and will be distributed external from your company needs to be approved by Sauce. This includes email signatures, social media posts, press releases, marketing materials, etc.

How do I submit a data use request, and what is the turnaround time?

Submit ALL requests to datause@LegalSauce.com. You may copy your Sauce contact on the email, but always send to datause@LegalSauce.com. This will ensure proper logging of the request and a timely response from the approval team.

Requests are processed on Monday and Thursday unless otherwise noted. Requests submitted Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday will be processed on Thursday. Requests submitted on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will be processed on Monday. If an observed holiday falls on a Monday or Thursday, all requests will be processed the following business day.

What if I have an urgent request?

If you have an urgent request, contact Jerry@LegalSauce.com to explain the urgency so actions can be taken to accommodate. Please note, the team will do their best to accommodate urgent requests; however, due to the large volume and at times the complex nature of submissions, not all requests will be able to be expedited.

What information needs to be included in my submission?

Wherever Sauce data is cited, the report name, page, and paragraph number MUST be provided (in the comments section of a Word doc) in order for a team member to verify the information. If various Sauce data is being used, this information MUST be included for each reference. If a request is submitted with no citations for verification purposes, the request will be sent back until the information is provided.

Do I use “ranked” or “rated” when referring to a report?

Only the Hot Sauce report ranks vendors. All other reports rate vendors

Can I share the report?

If you have purchased a Sauce report you may share that report internally with no limit. You may only share the report externally if you purchased Sauce distribution rights. We do allow vendors to provide the link to the report where healthcare prospects and clients (i.e. healthcare providers, healthcare payers) can download the report for themselves. This link can be included in your approved materials. You can include reports page link: http://legalsauce.com/research/ or you can email datause@LegalSauce.com for the direct report link.

How can I promote the information from a published report?

  • Share your company score
  • Share segment image
    • Must include all listed vendors
    • Image must match referenced score
  • Two images from a report per promotional piece
  • Quotes/commentary
    • Must use full quote, unaltered
    • Don’t quote report author—quote Sauce
  • Full report name must be cited
  • Top performer or High scorer = top 3 vendors in Overall Performance segment only
  • Vendors can’t segment report to benefit them. If report doesn’t say it, can’t use it
  • Preliminary data vendors: must say “preliminary data vendor” or “doesn’t meet minimum Sauce confidence”
  • Copyrighted Sauce data/info must receive approval to be used/published

What information can I share about or how can I promote Hot Sauce or Category Leader designation?

  • Share your score and the other scores in your segment
  • Segment image

Images & Graphs

  • Hot Sauce/CL logos used must specify segment and year
  • Can’t alter design of image—only use approved logo colors
  • All images using Sauce data must be approved

Old Data

  • Hot Sauceor Category Leader designation: the year and segment must always be included
  • Data from a published report: the most recent report is the only one whose information can be referenced, but referenced information cannot extend beyond two calendar years old
  • Website commentary: cannot extend beyond 12 months


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