Product and Service Provider Reviews

Product and services ratings are developed by asking self-identified current professionals with knowledge and experience to rate major aspects (LIST) of the technology and service providers used by law firms. We then translate these ratings into an overall rating for each element and for a combined rating.

We require a minimum threshold of responses for each institution before we publish any survey-based ratings content. Using a standard formula for statistical validity, we adhere to a threshold that gives us an 85% confidence level and a 10% margin of error. The precise threshold number will of course vary depending on the size of the individual institution. For example, for a law firm of 1,000 attorneys, we would require 50 responses in order to publish ratings for the firm.

Law Firm Website Reviews

Website ratings are developed using a Sauce algorithm which uses Sauce editor review ratings, review ratings submitted by current professionals and data points from independent service providers (LIST) to develop an overall rating.

The algorithm does not give equal weighting to each element and Sauce reserves the right to change the algorithm to reflect shifts in importance of the elements. To illustrate, website security should be of critical importance to the firm and its weight in the algorithm reflect that. Similarly, the effectiveness of the site is weighed proportionate to its importance.


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